3 Kid-Friendly Meals Perfect for Long-Term Food Storage

We all know that kids have a lot of opinions about food. They love this, but ick, get that away from them! The reason why children are so opinionated at mealtime is because they have twice as many taste buds as adults. This makes them sensitive to certain flavors, so they’re therefore notoriously picky eaters.

You want your long-term food storage plan to include everyone in the family, especially your food-fussy kids. Fortunately, you can easily store a lot of the sweet and carb-heavy meals children crave for the long term. Here are three kid-friendly meals perfect for long-term food storage.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of mac ’n’ cheese? This gooey, cheesy concoction has a smooth texture that children prefer and a starchy, creamy flavor they can’t resist. Full of copper, carbs, protein, manganese, and calcium, mac ’n’ cheese is also surprisingly beneficial to your child’s health. And like most pastas, it’s easy to store long-term.

Dry, sealed pastas have a virtually nonexistent moisture content, which means they won’t mold or attract bacteria. This allows them to stay fresh for years. Hunks and slices of cheese don’t last very long, but powdered cheese or powdered milk does, boasting an impressive shelf life of 10 to 15 years.

Pasta with Marinara

This is another tasty pasta dish your little ones will go crazy over. Pasta with marinara sauce is sweet and starchy, two fan-favorite flavors for children. The pasta contains the carbs their growing brains need, and the sauce is full of vitamin A, vitamin B6, and potassium—plus, a half cup of marinara is equivalent to two full servings of vegetables.

As we mentioned, pasta has a naturally long shelf life, and with NuManna’s high-quality resealable bags and oxygen absorbers, it can last 25 or more years. Marinara sauce also lasts a long time. You can store unopened sauce in a pantry for 1 to 2 years or freeze it to keep it indefinitely.


One final kid-friendly meal perfect for long-term food storage is pancakes. This sweet morning treat will make every kid jump for joy. Pancakes contain a lot of sugar, which kids love, but concerned parents will be happy to know they also contain plenty of nutrients. Pancakes are fantastic sources of carbs to fuel your child’s growing brain, iron to keep their immune system healthy, and calcium for strong, sturdy bones.

Pancakes are good long-term food choices because the mixes used to make them have a naturally long shelf life. And kids who like to add an extra dollop of sweetness atop their hotcakes will be happy to know that unopened maple syrup lasts forever!

The NuManna family has long-term food solutions for everyone. Our organic emergency food is great for people with food sensitivities, and our family packs have meals for the whole family—including mac ’n’ cheese, pasta, and pancakes, which your children will love! For tasty, nutritious food you can safely store for years, shop with us today.

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Amber Butler