5 Easy Food-Storage Meals for Tight Times

Emergency and survival situations call for an appropriate food supply. But compiling your supply of food is only one part of the equation. You’ll also need some ideas for meals to prepare with your long-term food supply options. Here are five easy food-storage meals for tight times.

Rice and Beans

The first easy food-storage meal you can prepare in tight times is rice and beans. You can cook rice and beans as a meal on their own or use them as supplemental sides for various other dishes. These versatile foods have long shelf lives, and they’re the perfect items to include in your family’s long-term food storage supply.


The great thing about soup is that it lasts a long time in storage and makes for a quick, easy meal for lunches, for dinners, or even paired with other dishes. In addition, there are so many canned soups to choose from, such as chicken soup, tomato soup, and potato soup, so you won’t have to worry about monotony.

Pasta Dishes

You can store dry pasta for an extended period, making it an ideal option for long-term food storage and meal prep. There are also several different types of pasta you can choose to cook. For example, you can make spaghetti, rotini, linguini, fusilli, rigatoni, tortellini, and more. Pasta is also a fantastic source of carbohydrates, making for a meal that will sustain you.

Meat and Vegetables

Meat and vegetables are other essential meals that you can cook with a long-term food supply. Canned meats and vegetables are easy to store for long periods, and they create meals that are rich in nutrients and proteins to sustain you and your family. These foods are affordable and easy to find, and you can use a variety of meats and vegetables to mix up your meals from day to day. For example, one day you could cook chicken breast with your desired vegetables, and the next day you could cook smoked ham with vegetables.


Another great option to consider for easy food-storage meals in tight times is oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great addition to add to your long-term food supply because it keeps for a long time. This item is perfect for breakfast, but you can utilize it for snacks and other meals as well, depending on your individual needs. You can add brown sugar to your oatmeal for some sweetness or even throw in some fruits to keep it flavorful and interesting.

Consider using these ideas for yourself and your family in times of need, and check out NuManna for a selection of long-term food supply options, including our freeze-dried meat bucket, to get started with your supply today.

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