7 Tasty Dishes You Can Make With Emergency Powdered Milk

Emergency powdered milk is surprisingly versatile; it has several uses in cooking and baking. It’s helpful to have a few recipes handy if you ever need to utilize your supply of powdered milk in an emergency or just want to try it out while you’re cooking. Get creative with your recipes, and you’ll have all kinds of new dishes to try with powdered milk as a main ingredient. Here are seven tasty dishes you can make with emergency powdered milk.


Pancakes are the first dish you can make with emergency powdered milk. This is an excellent meal to feed the whole family for breakfast. Pancakes are affordable and quick and easy to make, which helps you save time and money. One of the best things about pancakes is that they’re kid friendly. If you have children who are picky eaters, pancakes will win them over almost every time—especially if you make the pancakes into fun shapes. You can get creative with your presentation when it comes to pancakes, arranging the batter into any shape you like to create fun, unique pancakes. Get the kids excited about breakfast by fashioning some pancakes made with powdered milk into their favorite cartoon characters or some abstract shapes.

Potato Soup

Another great meal to cook using powdered milk is potato soup. This soup is perfect for any meal, and it works perfectly by itself or served with other sides. If you’re feeling a bit sick or if the weather outside is brisk and chilly, then a cup of potato soup may just be the perfect remedy. You can easily whip up this soup by utilizing some powdered milk as a base.

In emergencies, soup is one of the quickest things to make, and it will serve several people at once. However, if you’re not in an emergency situation and you just want to try a new recipe, this soup will work as the perfect appetizer or starter for a nice full-course meal with friends and family members.

Sugar Cookies

A sweet treat you can make with powdered milk is sugar cookies. These cookies are great for dessert or a midday snack if you’re feeling a bit famished. These tasty treats are big hits with kids, and they’ll bring the whole family together to enjoy a delicious little bite to eat. Powdered milk makes sugar cookies quick and easy to make, and it’s a fun new way to try a traditional baking recipe.

If you need a fun snack for all the neighborhood kids while they take a break from running around outside, then sugar cookies are absolute musts. They have an uncanny way of bringing a smile to anyone and everyone’s faces. A delightful childhood staple, the sugar cookie will live on famously for generations.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is another tasty treat that you can make with emergency powdered milk. If you need something sweet to eat, pumpkin pie is ideal. Memories of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the autumn season come to mind when you hear the phrase “pumpkin pie.” A delicious dessert that’s traditional for American holidays and dinners all across the country, this particular pie has been bringing people together to celebrate gratitiude, thankfulness, and abundant harvests for hundreds of years.

Using powdered milk as a substitute in your pie recipe is a great way to stay innovative in the kitchen. Try out this dish the next time you want to bring all your friends and family members together to remember what all of you are thankful for in life.

Gulab Jamun

The next tasty dish you can make with powdered milk is gulab jamun. This delicious, spongy milk-based ball is a traditional Indian dessert. Gulab jamun is sweet and often served with floral-flavored syrups. If you’re looking for a unique new treat to try, then gulab jamun is the perfect option. If you’re entertaining guests who are difficult to impress, this dish is sure to picque some interest and turn some heads.

As the national dessert of Pakistan, this little treat has sparked interest worldwide. Essentially consisting of small balls of dough that are fried and dipped in delicious syrups, gulab jamun will become your new favorite treat in no time.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the sixth delicious treat you can make with emergency powdered milk. Making your very own hot chocolate mix at home is a great use of your powdered milk supply, and it can also serve as an exciting activity for your kids. If the weather outside happens to be cooler, this drink is perfect to warm you up when you’re feeling a bit chilly. Hot chocolate mix also works as a fantastic party favor to give out to guests. Adults and children alike love this warm, chocolaty drink.

Whether it’s near the holiday season and cold outside or the middle of summer and warm, there are several ways to make hot chocolate work for any season. For example, you can make a fun frozen hot chocolate drink for the warmer months when you need a refreshing drink to cool down. However you choose to drink it, have fun with it and share a sip with the people you love the most.


The seventh dish you can make with powdered milk is focaccia bread. Focaccia is an Italian oven-baked flatbread similar to pizza dough. However, focaccia is fluffier in consistency, and it rises more while baking due to the higher amounts of yeast in its dough. This flatbread is the perfect companion to soups or salads, and it also works well in any bread basket. You can add different cheeses, such as mozzarella or cheddar, for some extra flavor. You could also add garlic or other herby ingredients to take the focaccia’s flavor to new heights.

Now that you have seven tasty dishes you can make with emergency powdered milk, start trying out the recipes today! NuManna has a selection of emergency powdered milk perfect for trying out with any of these delicious dishes.

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