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When most people think of bulk storable food, they envision hard, tasteless, freeze-dried “space-food” barely fit for survival. But when you’re caught in a tough situation, a delicious and nutritious meal can make all the difference. Good meals boost morale and give you and your family the energy you need in any situation.

That’s why, as a storable food supplier, Numanna offers the most innovative, nutritious, and sustainable emergency food storage solutions on the market. We think families should have the means to thrive during emergencies—not just survive! Our food will taste great today, next year or in a decade.

NuManna started out as small, home-based business in 2011, that through the vision of the founder, has evolved into a nationally trusted brand. By focusing on innovation, quality, taste, and our customers’ health, NuManna is able to provide food products that enable people to thrive during an emergency and not just survive. We offer the most innovative, nutritious, and sustainable food-preparedness solutions that you can find on the market today so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are prepared for whatever surprises may come your way.

The prepper and survival industry collectively laughed at us when we started working on our Organic Family Pack. Our vision was to offer food we wanted to eat, food that was healthy and delicious. With the Organic Family Pack, we changed the industry from doubters to followers.

Numanna was the first to offer an Organic Food Storage bucket jam-packed with everyday meals. Also, the first of its kind with USDA and  CCOF certification. Our additional heavy metal and pesticide testing is beyond any industry standards. We take pride in the extra effort we put into our food. From our family to yours we hope you appreciate it.

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our mission

  • Educate everyone about the importance of food preparedness and why it is important to protect yourself and your family from life’s unpredictable events.
  • Provide a healthy storable product that tastes so good that you will want to eat it every day instead of just during times of duress.
  • Improve peoples lives by providing access to this information and our product.

our philisophy

NuManna was formed on the principles of emergency preparedness and sustaining your family’s long-term health.

Our products are crafted without, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame or artificial preservatives. Numanna uses GMO-free ingredients and there is no added MSG. Experience nutrition without compromise.

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about the foundation

NuManna is not a traditional company. Not only do we have a mission to provide the highest quality and performance preparedness products to the market – we have a moral duty to act in the communities of our Nation.

NuManna is a self supporting ministry dedicated to offering the best products and also spreading hope and relief by blessing the lives of those we can. We especially look to assist Veterans in several capacities.

invest in your family


Do you remember going to the store and experiencing empty butcher counters, low produce and half filled shelves?

Supply chain breakdowns coupled with international crisis and inflation has led to less options and higher prices at checkout.

about water

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Water is essential to life. From the tap, a bottle or a pitcher on the counter; often we take for granted how easily available water tends to be. 

But what about in an emergency or a crisis? Or when a water supply goes bad? Some cities, counties and even countries have lost a safe water supply to toxicity. 

When these disasters strike, this is when pure, bacteria-free water stores become essential. This is why you should consider bacteria-free water storage and a high-end filtration system.

 Puravai bottled water and Aquapail with Duraflow filtration represent the next level in water solutions.  

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