Building a Survival Kit: Needs vs. Wants

Emergency situations can strike at any moment, so it helps if you’re prepared for anything. A survival kit is an essential item to have ready to go whenever you might need it. So, here’s a guide to building a survival kit that includes your wants and needs for an emergency.

Four Pillars of Survival

When gathering supplies and materials for your survival kit, you should keep the four pillars of survival in mind. These four pillars are water, food, fire, and shelter. You should have something from each pillar in your survival kit. You need each of these four things to survive in emergency situations. First, you’ll need a supply of water and food that is large enough to sustain all the people in your family. Then, you’ll need supplies to create a fire, and you’ll also need some kind of shelter to keep you safe and warm. Once you have these essentials included in your kit, you can start adding other needs and wants.


Now that you’ve included the four pillars of survival in your kit, you can consider what other supplies are necessary. Things like first aid, navigation, self-defense, and communication devices are tools that will help you survive in emergencies. A first aid kit is a necessity in case of accidents and injuries. Navigation equipment like a compass or GPS is helpful if you get lost or must get to a particular destination. Weapons and tools for self-defense are important to keep you and your family safe and protected from danger. Finally, communication devices are essential if you need to get in contact with anyone. All of these extra necessities are beneficial to include in your survival kit.


Once you’ve added all the necessary materials to your kit, you can start thinking about any extra items you may want to add. If you have children or pets, for example, you may wish to include toys in your kit to keep them occupied. In addition, books, games, notebooks, and other things that help pass the time may be useful items to include when building your survival kit. You never know how long emergency situations might last, so it helps to have some things to keep you and your family entertained during the process.

Now that you have a guide for building a survival kit, you can start creating your own today. Check out NuManna Foundation’s selection of long-term emergency food supplies, such as freeze-dried bulk meat, to add to your family’s survival kit.

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Amber Butler