Campfire Cooking: The 5 Best Foods To Cook Over the Fire

When preparing for a camping trip, you’ll also need to plan and pack some meal options. There are all kinds of foods you can enjoy while you’re camping. Here are the five best foods to cook over the fire.


The first campfire food worth trying is a kebab. You can include whatever meat and veggies you like in your kebab. For example, chicken, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes are delicious choices. You can also add olive oil and any seasonings you like. You’ll need a few skewers to make your kebabs, and these tools make it easier to hold them over the fire to cook.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a popular meal option around the campfire. The great thing about hot dogs is that they are easy to cook and kid-friendly, making them the perfect choice for your next family camping trip. Just make sure to bring hot dog buns and your favorite condiments or toppings.


Another great choice for campfire food is potatoes. To cook potatoes over a fire, all you have to do is rub some olive oil onto the potato and wrap it in two layers of tinfoil. Once you wrap your potatoes, place them in the fire and let them cook for about 45 minutes, rotating them every 10 to 15 minutes.


Sliders are also a great choice when you’re camping. You can quickly cook sliders or traditional burgers over your campfire. You’ll need burger or slider patties, buns, and whatever additions you want to include, such as cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, or onions. A cooking grate will make cooking this meal much easier.

Mixed Veggies

Another food you can cook over your campfire is mixed veggies. Vegetables work well as a side or a standalone meal. Pick your favorite veggies and wrap them in tinfoil with a drizzle of olive oil and your choice of seasonings. You will want to cut your vegetables into thin slices to ensure they cook evenly.

Now that you know five great foods to cook over the campfire, you can plan your meals for your next camping trip today. NuManna Foundation has a selection of dehydrated survival food that will make cooking a meal during your camping trip more convenient.

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Amber Butler