Canned vs. Freeze-Dried: Which Survival Food Is Best?

No one wants to think about disaster striking, but the reality is that it can. Those who prepare have less to worry about, knowing they are protecting their family in an emergency. If you are considering planning ahead with a survival food supply, just in case, it’s a smart place to start. The two most common types of foods that preppers collect are freeze-dried and canned goods because of their long shelf lives. However, as you stock up, you’ll want whatever lasts longer since it’s only for emergencies. Follow along as we discuss how to choose between canned or freeze-dried food for your emergency supply.

What Is Survival Food?

Survival food is food with a long shelf life. Some supplies last an indefinite amount of time when packaged properly. Usually, when preparing, a person or family selects a good storage area in the home and stocks that area with survival food. The food stays there in case of an emergency.

Refrigerated food doesn’t work for an emergency supply, and most packaged foods from the grocery store don’t either. Canned foods and freeze-dried foods work best.

Canned Foods

Canned foods with low acid last longer than foods with high acid, so things like tomato sauce or canned fruit only last about 18 months unopened, while other canned foods, like canned vegetables and meats, last about two to five years, according to the USDA.

You can use canned food for prepping; however, you will need an organized system to help you rotate foods as they become closer to expiring. A rotating system allows you to eat the canned goods that will expire soon and then replace them with new ones. With a rotating system, you also move recent cans to the back and older ones to the front.

Although canned food has a long shelf life, the nutritional value is questionable because of the use of heat during the process, which can kill many nutrients.

Freeze-Dried Foods

Freeze drying is a method in which all the moisture is drawn out of food, preserving it for up to 25 years when done properly. The benefits of freeze-dried foods are many. Let’s look at what those are:

  • Nutrients stay intact with the no-heat process
  • The shelf-life is up to 25 years
  • No preservatives are used
  • Easy to digest
  • Food retains flavor when rehydrated
  • Easy to prepare and store
  • Vacuum seals create compact, lightweight packaging that is eco-friendly

As you can see, when choosing between canned or freeze-dried foods for survival, canned foods are somewhat helpful, but nothing compares to freeze-dried items for long-term storage.

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