Don’t Wait for An Emergency. Food Storage Begins Now.

The word “emergency” is hammered away by weather forecasters standing in front of their nifty blue screens.  But regardless of  their impending catastrophic weather,  do they ever remind their viewers the importance of maintaining an emergency food storage? After Hurricane Maria’s devastating winds and floods, many living in the more remote areas of Puerto Rico struggled with little food and no running water. Emergency food storage also means planning for water needs. Numanna has water filters and water purifiers to help with that. You need at least one gallon per person per day, part of which will be used for hygienic purposes. One of our selections, the Hydro Water Purification System, can take pond water and purify it up to 99% clean. The Hydro system can also be outfitted with a solar panel. The unit is transported via a self- contained backpack with a hose, germicidal lamp, all connections, sediment filters and more.  In fact, thanks to generous donations, a Solar Hydro was sent to Isabela, Puerto Rico in the Jaicoa Mountain Range where it is still providing the locals with clean drinking water.


Today is the Time to Begin Your Family’s Emergency Food Storage Plans.


As you may well know it’s not just hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, strange fires or mudslides that constitute a family emergency. Food storage can be is a critical component of everyday life. What if mom gets the flu, and is down for a couple of weeks?  Having a family bucket of delicious Numanna meals – like classic chili, mac n’ cheese, pasta primavera – and many others could sure come in handy for the dad who doesn’t know his way about the kitchen. All he needs is a pan, water and fire, along with a couple spoons and plates to serve the children a tasty, nutritious meal while mom is in recovery mode. Numanna is ready for breakfast too, with pancakes, oatmeal and granola, depending on which bucket you buy.  You also have choices for gluten free meals and organic.  Keep in mind that in all our food, we guarantee no MSG, preservatives, soy, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup or GMOs.


Civil Disturbance Means Using Your Emergency Food Storage


The folks in and around Watertown, Massachusetts were taken by surprise by an order to “shelter in place” after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  No one knew just how long this martial law would last. There would be no quick run to the store for milk. By the say, Numanna provides organic and traditional dry milk powder.  Another great thing about putting together emergency food storage with Numanna buckets is the ease of storage. The buckets are compact and stackable, and, due to the “over –engineered” packaging, these tasty nutritious foods can be completely ignored, or used anytime, for the next twenty five years.


Isn’t it Time You Considered Numanna for Your Emergency Food Storage Needs?


Time and chance happen to everyone. Your gut tells you that just about anything can happen just about any time. Our customers tell us that Numanna is the best emergency food storage available. Why not make a small investment in our Sample Pack? It’s just $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping for eight meals: 2 servings of pasta primavera, 2 servings of enchilada beans and rice, 2 servings of sweet habanero chili and 2 servings of granola. We know once you have a taste, you’ll get serious about partnering with Numanna for your emergency food storage plans.

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