Long Shelf Life Foods Find New Meaning with Numanna

It’s interesting when we begin to delve into the meaning of words. Like, shelf, for example. You’re assuming, and you would be correct, that one of the Merriam –Webster’s definition for this word includes “a long narrow piece of material (such as wood) fastened horizontally.” Are these long shelf wooden planks in your root cellar, pantry, garage and/or basement filled with old newspapers, paint supplies or camping gear? Wouldn’t a better use for your long shelf be Numanna’s long shelf life foods?  But wait.  Just And how long do Numanna’s long shelf life foods hang out on your shelves? Numanna’s individually prepared meals are tucked into their proprietary nitrogen flushed 5 mm sealed packaging, complete with oxygen absorbers, so, depending on the individual storage conditions, Numanna’s pasta primavera, classic chili, black bean soup, pasta alfredo   – and all the other tasty, healthy entrees –   can be eaten today, or twenty five years from now.


Some Long Term Shelf Life Food Is Longer Than Others


There are other long shelf life foods that may last longer than Numanna.. Hundreds of miles of long continental shelves surround the globe’s land masses with their own unique environmental systems to provide microscopic plants and algae for all sorts of underwater organisms. But for us two legged air- breathing men and women, Numanna is far easier to create, transport, access and prepare. And while the oceans still struggle with Fukushima’s outcroppings, it’s reassuring to know that all food products created by Numanna for  long term shelf life is made WITHOUT GMOs, soy, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and chemical preservatives.  You can also purchase Numanna’s Organic products, which include organic diced chicken and organic milk powder.


Are Long Shelf Life Foods Heathy?


We’re so glad you asked. Under stressful conditions, it’s even more important to ensure that your family has long shelf life food that is nutritional and tastes good to boot.  In addition to our Organic and No Gluten Meals, we recognize that bodies do need extra nutrition in periods of heightened stress. That’s why we created the Defender Packs, which include six superfoods that can be utilized with your meals. Organic Sprouting Seeds, rich in enzymes are included. Organic quinoa is high in magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorous, complex proteins and riboflavin. Organic Black Chia Seeds were a Mayan survival food, full of calcium, niacin, zinc and more. Organic Brown Jasmine Rice can lower cholesterol and is rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Partially cooked Parboiled rice can ramp up calorie intake. Another superfood found in the Defender Packs is Organic spelt, a heart healthy grain, and more digestible than wheat. These superfoods are also long shelf life foods that add an extra level of health and comfort to your emergency food supply.


Why Not Experiment with the Numanna Sample Pack?  Or Buy Some Heirloom Seeds of Your Own?


Not everybody can grow a garden, although we hardily recommend you at least turn a little soil and experience the majesty of a few of those tiny seeds bringing up life out of the earth.

Let’s revisit those shelves in your basement, garage, root cellar or pantry. There’s a good chance that many of those items are in boxes that have a very limited life. Isn’t it time to consider Numanna’s Long Shelf Life Food? With the increased risks of adverse weather, civil unrest, hyper- inflation and food shortages, a Numanna bucket of food might be more than nutrition, it could one day be your money.

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