Looking For Survival Food Storage?

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The current state of our world is uncertain at best. Political conflicts, wars for scarce resources, and the continuing decline of certain global economies create ripples that affect almost every person on the planet. Closer to home, crumbling infrastructure and questionable government policies continue to erode our quality of life. Many families are one personal tragedy away from losing everything. Earthquakes, storms, and other natural disasters are another constant source of potential danger to everyday order.

The best defense against uncertain times is preparation. When preparing your family for hard times, establishing a reliable food supply is one of the first steps. If something interrupts the supply trucks to your local grocery store, how will you feed your family? NuManna has the answer to your survival food storage questions.

Basics of Survival Food Storage

How much should you stock in your survival food storage? FEMA recommends that every family have a two-week supply of canned and dry goods in case of emergencies. These foods should be able to supply about 2400 calories per day to each person. Survival experts suggest you keep enough food for 3 days in your vehicle and at least 30 days in your home or bunker.

Survival food storage has no value if you don’t want to eat it or don’t know how to cook it. Include items like pots, pans, can openers, and serving dishes with your food supply. Choose items that you actually enjoy eating. Don’t buy a case of beans if you don’t like them.

The key to long-term survival food storage is proper packing. To ensure food stays fresh until it’s needed, packages need to be sealed so no moisture or foreign particles can cause contamination. Serious preppers who want to be ready for long-term disruptions to the commercial food supply can spend tons of time and money on special storage bags, sealers, and other equipment. Even then, one small oversight could leave you with a sack full of rotten food when you need it the most.

Rotate your survival food storage stocks often to ensure supplies stay fresh. If you choose foods your family likes to eat regularly, you can simply use stocks in your daily meals before their expiration date.

Stress-Free Survival Food with NuManna

Building up a survival food storage stockpile takes time, planning, and experience through trial and error. But what if there was an easier way?

NuManna creates survival foods that are delicious and nutritious. Our mission is to help every family be prepared. To make this happen, we developed several lines of delicious and nutritious prepackaged survival foods. More than just freeze-dried supplements that keep you alive, we offer real meals that are tasty enough to add to your regular menu plan. We use real, organic ingredients and homestyle recipes to offer mouthwatering selections that your whole family will love.

The specially designed survival food storage system will keep your food safe between 10 and 30 years, which means you’ll always have access to high-quality meal options. However, our foods are so delicious and easy to prepare, you’ll probably eat them long before that.

NuManna makes survival food storage simple. Our products and packaging are designed to protect your family’s long-term health and well-being. With NuManna, your family will always be well-fed, no matter what happens.