Numanna : The Heart and Soul of Your Emergency Food Supply

Your Emergency Food Supply

If you’re reading this blog, you’re a few steps ahead of the curve. . . that big bend in life’s road where, suddenly – and sometimes without any warning – everything that you took for granted is just plum gone.  A warm meal. Fresh water.  The daily washing of hands.  A last minute drive to the convenience store for toilet paper and a lottery ticket. Fortunately, Fido survived the mayhem, but a dog’s gotta eat too.  You started building your emergency food supply from Numanna a while back with the Organic Family Pack.  Your wife wasn’t sure why you were so insistent on buying it, but after the ease of preparing the organic pancakes and mac n’ cheese for the children, she was on board. You see, these meals can be eaten upon arrival, or be tucked away for 25 years. That’s because the folks who started Numanna spare no expense in making sure the product  – and the packaging – are not only delicious, but will endure the test of time. It’s far better to have an emergency food supply instead of a food supply emergency, wouldn’t you say?


Here’s how Three Families Built their Emergency Food Supply

Those tasty pancakes from the Numanna Organic Family Pack started a conversation with a neighbor whose family who wanted to build an emergency food supply but suffers from gluten intolerance. They started with Numanna’s No Gluten Starter Pack. There are 146 individual servings of meals like classic chili, cheesy potato soup and pasta primavera – among others – and this bucket also includes a six pack of hormone free non-fat dry milk powder and 36 servings of diced chicken.  One more neighbor got wind of the trend and decided he would take the lead on groups needs for water, as Numanna has a wide array of products to product clean drinking water in emergency situations. Once you open those Numanna packages, you need water and fire to prepare the food. If there’s no electricity.   Of course a few bowls, spoons and a pan are also required.

Is Building An Emergency Food Supply Really Necessary?

Storage of food in the kitchen in pantryMaybe the question should be twofold. Do emergencies happen? And, if so, do our families have to eat?  You know both those answers are “yes.”  Your city could break out in civil unrest that leads to martial law and limited travel. Your state could experience a longer-term weather event that brings destruction to farmer fields and livestock.  Hyper-inflation can cause great havoc in agricultural prices. It seems every day we hear reports of severe weather catastrophes – hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides and rising waters. While folks wax on about “global warming,” these massive weather changes have more to do with interplanetary forces like polar shifts, the sun’s solar minimum and other large planets traversing the atmosphere. In any event, having access to good food and fresh water can save your family’s life. Best of all, Numanna’s Emergency Food Supply, and all the accessories are portable.  So, just in case you can’t shelter in place, you can take your emergency food supply with you. Now that’s a comfort to your heart and soul, isn’t it?