DuraFlo™ Water Filter Replacement



Water is life.  Clean water is essential to a healthy body.  There are hundreds of options when it comes to water filters.  We believe we found the BEST gravity fed water filters in the world—DuraFlo™ Water filters.  The only filters we know of to undergo End of Life testing to prove you can count on it.

Filter contaminated tap water or even pond water with a DuraFlo™ and get the best water you can imagine coming out the other side.  






Treats 550 gallons.

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter - used in the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System - is setting the new standard in water filtration. The DuraFlo™ has been tested and certified by independent water laboratories to remove virus, bacteria, giardia and 118 other water borne toxins and chemicals, providing purified water from any non-salt water source.

The DuraFlo™ water-filter replacement works with any candlestick-style water filter, such as Katadyn®, Aqua Pur®, Doulton®, Berkey®, and many other brands of water filters.

  • Deactivates 99.99% of harmful bacteria, virus, cysts, and microbes such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • Removes heavy metals, even from the most contaminated sources.
  • Removes hydrocarbons, fluoride, chlorine and other toxic substances
  • Can be used and then stored for long periods. Simply rinse and dry to store.

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter Replacement has been independently lab tested and certified to calibrate its useful filtration life. You can check the indicator light on your filtration system to know exactly when to replace your DuraFlo. It works with any candlestick style water filters, such as Katadyn®, Aqua Pur®, Doulton® and the Berkey® water filter.

Power up your AquaBrick® Water Purification System with the DuraFlo™ replacement filter from Sagan Life. The DuraFlo™ effectively removes virus, bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, and other water-borne toxins and chemicals from ANY non salt water source. Compatible with countertop, gravity-fed & candlestick water filter systems. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR MOST COUNTER TOP, GRAVITY FED WATER FILTER SYSTEMS, INCLUDING BERKEY®.

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