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NuManna Sample Pack:: NuManna foods are hard to fully appreciate without tasting. The proof is in the Pudding. We now offer a 4 (four) recipe Sampler Pack. Pasta Primavera, Enchilada Beans and Rice, Granola and Sweet Habanero Chili.

Healthy Food storage with GMO-Free ingredients and great taste are rare. We know, we are one of the pioneers in the industry. Food storage that is Healthy and can get your kids excited about food storage…that’s NuManna.

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NuManna Sample Pack:

Numerous requests to try NuManna’s products resulted in the creation of our survival food sample pack. We now offer four (4) of NuManna’s most popular meals in a Sample Pack. Our packs include 2-serving samples of Pasta Primavera, Enchilada Beans and Rice, Sweet Habanero Chili, and Granola.


You get 2-serving samples of Pasta Primavera, Enchilada Beans and Rice, Sweet Habanero Chili, and Granola with our survival food samples. The Enchilada Beans and Rice and Sweet Habanero Chili contain no wheat ingredients. The best way to understand the quality of NuManna’s products is to try them out for yourself. Our survival food sample packs are a special offer and limited to only one per household.

Soy Free - GMO Free - No added MSG - No Aspartame - No High Fructose Corn Syrup


  • (1)  2-serving sample of Pasta Primavera
  • (1) 2-serving sample of Enchilada Beans and Rice
  • (1) 2-serving sample of Sweet Habanero Chili
  • (1) 2-serving sample of Granola
  • (8) Total Servings

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  1. Sample Pack Purchaser (verified owner)

    I’m so glad they have a sample pack. We have been taste-testing before investing in our long-term storage emergency food, and wanted to try these side-by-side with Mountain House. We wanted vegetarian options, and have decided to purchase some from each company to get a variety of flavors. NuManna’s granola is very good. The other 3 meals in this sample pack were good/okay; just about what you’d expect from this genre of food. Again, I WILL be purchasing meals from NuManna, so I’ll let that speak for itself. The reason I reduced the star rating to 3.5 stars is due to the inconvenience as compared to other options. The Granola does not include milk, the Pasta Primavera requires added butter. I am purchasing these meals assuming that we will use them as emergency back up food and will not have access to extra ingredients. Also, the cook times and work involved are at least double those of MH items. I wish I could try more meals before I buy, and I wish I could purchase packets individually. However, if you are looking for a variety of vegetarian options with various allergies in mind, NuManna is a good choice to consider.

  2. L D (verified owner)

    Most MH “meals” take 9 minutes total (minus boiling water time). My wife and I bought the sample pack to test against MH, so we’d know how to compare and what to “stock up” on. Everything in the sample pack was fine without additional ingredients (although, it might have been even better) except, the Habanero chilly was way to hot without adding anything to it…and we both like “hot” stuff. Just wanted to say, it was really good, cannot say better as far as taste than MH, but they are both pretty good. I like the ingredients in the Numanna food.

  3. Mary MP (verified owner)

    Tasty! The flavors of all 3 entrees’ were all 5 STAR… very good. We are very glad that this sample pack was available to purchase. Have not seen these varieties elsewhere. However, having GERD means that, I can not eat ‘spicy hot’ food and both the: Sweet Habanero Chili, and the Enchilada Beans and Rice, were too spicy for me. We have purchased emergency food from 2 other suppliers. One tasted so bad, I would not eat it… (I’d rather eat Raman noodles) unfortunately, it was not a ‘sample’ supply. The other product, we have not tried yet as it comes in #10 cans… I need to purchase mylar bags for dividing up into serving sizes before opening those up. Tasty!

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