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Numanna Survival food kits : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I buy from NuManna Survival Food Kits?

NuManna began with an idea.  In 2011 we looked at what was offered for storable food and we were disappointed.  Not all Survival food kits are created equally.  We believed there should be something  better.  Better packaging, better taste, better varieties.  So, because of the quest of our own family, NuManna has been helping families all over prepare better since 2011. 

Where should I store my survival food kits?

A good rule of thumb is that your storable food is comfortable where you are. The worst enemy of storable foods is temperature fluctuation and inferior packaging that allows oxygen in. It is best to put your stores in a consistently cool, dry place. If your NuManna food is stored improperly the shelf life can be greatly diminished. A garage would be one of the worst places because of the temperature changes throughout the year.

The easy stack buckets allow storage flexibility. A basement cold storage would be ideal. In your closet would work well. For maximum shelf life store around 55 degrees.

How much water do I need?

NuManna Survival Food Kits use about 1 cup of water per serving cooked. This will vary slightly among the different varieties.  There also may be slight variations caused by altitude changes and/or preferences how thick you may want the final meal to be.  

To ensure you have water when you need it you can check out the duraflow filters and the puravai water for long term water solutions. 

Why is GMO and No-Gluten so important?

No Gluten is not a choice for everybody. A small percentage of the population has extreme allergies to gluten.  An even bigger percentage relies on a non-gluten or reduced-gluten diet.  NuManna is sensitive to dietary requirements. We have listened to our customers and developed Survival Food Kits with 100% no wheat ingredients.

Genetically Modified food or GMO, short for Genetically Modified Organism, is rapidly becoming one of the most controversial topics in the food world. When scientists manipulate the DNA of existing food to create new strains the overall effect on Humans is up for debate. Protein synthesis is altered. Many studies have indicated serious reasons why we should be concerned about consuming GMOs.

If these are important issues for you know they are important issues to NuManna. 

How do I prepare NuManna meals?

Follow the directions on the package. Start by boiling the water as directed in an appropriate place. Pay attention to the amount called for. Rip open the meal of your choice, remove the oxygen absorber, and pour the contents in the boiling water. Follow directions instructing you to simmer, boil or stir often.

It is important to remember cooking time varies on different stoves and at different altitudes.  Personal preference should be considered.  You may want it cooked thicker…then add time.  Some customers prefer rice to be a little harder than others.  These are a couple of examples to consider. Whatever you decide your meal will be done in minutes. 

How long will NuManna Survival Food Kits last?

We have put NuManna Foods in 5mm, over-engineered bags. The bags have an oxygen absorber to preserve freshness. The ingredients are specifically chosen for taste, quality and longevity. Through testing and comparisons we know our storable food has a true 25+ year shelf life. If you take reasonable storage measures your NuManna food will be there when you need it tomorrow or decades from now.

NuManna packages are specifically chosen to be flexible and mix well with other bulk stores you may already have. Have extra rice storage? Cook the rice and mix it with the chili. Now your NuManna foods can easily be extended and your bland rice becomes part of an extremely flavorful meal. This is just one example of extending the life and use of your storable foods.  

What is your return policy?

We have a no questions asked 30-day no risk money back guarantee. Just return the product in new condition to us and we will refund your purchase price.  You will be charged a 20% restocking fee.  Email us to receive return instructions. 

Do you charge shipping?

We charge a small flat fee for shipping to cover the expense of the boxes and freight. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Numanna Survival Food Kits FAQ