The Long and Short of Long Term Food

Electrical substation in summer.Long Term Food

Not everyone thinks about the importance of long-term food storage. Millions of Americans rise and shine on any given day with an assurance that the town’s municipal water system will still be pumping, their refrigerator/freezer will still be humming, the ole’ dependable coffee pot will still be percolating and the stove top could quickly be warming for a yummy plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes. Got any maple syrup? Let’s not forget the toaster toasting bread, soaked with real butter and strawberry jam. This is a warm and fuzzy scenario – until the electricity disappears.

This is Where Numanna Long-Term Food Takes the Stage

You’ve done a bit of research about infrastructure meltdowns and the prospect of severe weather patterns. You’re also concerned about higher interest rates, and hyperinflation causing food prices to jump. The city you grew up in doesn’t seem as secure or friendly either. That’s why you and your family decided to become more self-reliant and focus on building a long-term food supply. It all began a few months ago with a Numanna sample pack – so you could check out the taste – to see if the children would eat long-term food.  Turned out the younger ones loved the granola and the Sweet Habanero Chili. You were partial to the Pasta Primavera. Your wife needed gluten-free, so she stuck to the Enchilada Beans and Rice. Everyone was grateful that   Numanna’s long-term food doesn’t have chemicals and preservatives like MSG, aspartame, and high fructose corn syrup. The meals come in super-engineered 5mm packets and have a shelf life of 25 years, are also soy and GMO-free.

Ride the Numanna Road as you Build Your Long Term Food Storage

The Numanna Family Pack is considered a cornerstone for long-term food. It consists of sixteen different entrees with a total of 144 packaged meals, including classic chili, rice pilaf, Hawaiian sweet and sour, potato casserole, black bean soup, oatmeal and those pancakes you love for breakfast. These buckets of meals are stackable and so easy to store. Want to add some meat protein?  Consider the 36 servings of Numanna Freeze Dried Chicken Breast, 36 Servings of USDA premium beef and/or 66 servings of Organic Freeze Dried Chicken Breast. Speaking of Organic, Numanna offers an Organic Family Pack, and Premium Organic Milk Powder. For customers who must avoid gluten, Numanna provides Gluten Free meals too.

You’re going to need water and fire for the food preparation, so Numanna has an inventory of water purifiers and filters.

Numanna’s Long Term Food Can Help You Help Others Too

Free Lunch for Disabled at Food BankFeeding America says; “Many Americans are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity – and some, including children and seniors – may be at greater risk than others.” Folks who’ve weathered storms know just how great that risk is.  Did you know that there are 41 million people in this nation who face hunger each and every day?  This need may be in your own backyard. While you are working to protect your own family’s long-term food supply, keep these folks in mind. Why not give a  gift of Numanna Long Term Food buckets to your local school, veteran’s organization, church or food bank? Isn’t it time in America that we started helping each other again? After all, some emergencies are quieter than others.