The Many Lives of Food Storage

For the uninitiated, food storage might mean the set of Tupperware given to your by your grandmother as a wedding present. Seems easy enough. The cook in the family whips up a mean pot of chili, replete with beans, organic spices, tomatoes, a few peppers and some mighty fine grass fed beef from a local farmer. With your nose tingling from the cumin rising out of that iron pot simmering on the stove, a flash of  “umm, umm good” is your brain’s refrain.  And, thanks to grandma’s gift, a couple of quarts from the night’s bounty can be stored for a month, six months, or maybe even a year or more, as long as the grid doesn’t do down and the freezer still runs.  Numanna’s food storage program includes nutritious and scrumptious meals that don’t require a freezer.


What About Great Grandma’s Food Storage Methods?


Remember all those cans of beans, soups and vegetables that use to line the shelves of your great grandma’s kitchen?  While she was washing, cleaning, cutting and preparing all those robust vegetables out of her garden, you were probably watching Blue’s Clues, or playing outside. Your own mom and dad were always working and liked eating out, so they didn’t take advantage of any of the old school knowledge. Now that you have children of your own, who’s got time to concentrate on food storage, except for a few extra boxes of mac n’ cheese, cans of beans, pineapple, crackers, tuna and granola. But deep inside, you know things are tenuous. Civil unrest, weather events or hyper- inflation could affect your ability to provide food for your family. Wouldn’t it be a comfort to know that you’ve partnered with Numanna for your family’s food storage?


Have You Attempted Food Storage Via Freeze Drying and Dehydrating?


Maybe you’ve ahead of the curve and have used your own dehydrator, or have considered investing in a stand- alone freeze dryer. The latter, need we remind you, requires electricity. Numanna believes each family should decide independently about how to best provide practical food storage  – don’t forget the  water and water filters – for the health and well-being for all their family members, including their pets.  Even if you’re already using both of these methods, Numanna’s pricing, packaging, portability, delightful taste, nutritional bioavailability and ease of preparation make our long term food storage a choice you almost can’t refuse. So let’s make it easy for you to try, shall we?


Click Here to Purchase a Sample Pack of Numanna for only $19.95


Full disclosure: There is a shipping fee of $4.95 for the Numanna Sample Pack. The sample pack has eight servings: 2 Pasta Primavera, 2 Gluten Free Enchilada Beans and Rice, 2 Servings of Gluten Free Sweet Habanero Chili and 2 servings of Granola.


We think once you get a taste, you’ll come back for more. In fact, we know you will, because even if Numanna food storage is not on your menu right now, when the next emergency hits, it most certainly will be.

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