The Top 10 Proteins To Stock in a Survival Kit

It can be challenging at times to know what to include in your emergency food supply or survival kit. Non-perishable foods tend to be the go-to, but what kind of non-perishable foods? There are all kinds of food items that are beneficial to stock up on for your supply, but foods that are high in protein are essential. Here are the top 10 proteins to stock in a survival kit.

Why Survival Food Supplies are Important

Survival kits and emergency food supplies are incredibly beneficial to always have in your home. You never know when you may experience a food shortage, natural disaster, power outage, or situation that requires a supply of food. Because life may put you in unexpected circumstances, it helps to stay prepared for anything.

Stocking up on food and water ensures that you will have everything you need in the event of a disaster. When building an appropriate food supply, it’s important to include enough food for several weeks for the number of people in your home. This ensures you have enough food and water to go around for a while, just in case.

Why Protein Is an Essential

While all food can provide sustenance and nutrients, you don’t want to include just any food in your survival kit. You want foods that provide the necessary nutrients to sustain your family’s and your health. Let’s face it: saltine crackers aren’t going to cut it for sustainable nutrition.

Foods that are high in protein are the perfect choices for your survival food supply. Protein is essential to any diet because it is good for bone development, helps you retain muscle mass, boosts metabolism, and lowers blood pressure. It also helps your body repair itself, makes you feel fuller for longer, and provides you with the necessary energy to complete tasks.

What Proteins To Include

There are all kinds of foods that have high levels of protein. However, not all of those foods will work well for survival kits if they spoil quickly. You want high-protein foods that are also non-perishable and can last for a long time before going bad. Therefore, it’s helpful to have a list of protein-based food items that work well for emergency food supplies and survival kits. Luckily, we’ve done that work for you. Keep reading to find out what proteins you should include in a survival kit for you and your family.

Freeze-Dried Beef

When we think of protein, meat typically comes to mind. Freeze-dried meat has a much longer shelf life than regular meat, making it a perfect option for survival kits. The great thing about beef is that a single serving can include around 22 grams of protein. Freeze-dried beef is versatile, so you can prepare it as a component of an entrée or by itself.

Freeze-Dried Chicken

Freeze-dried chicken is the next protein worth including in your survival kit’s food supply. An unopened pack of freeze-dried chicken can have a shelf life of up to 30 years, which is beneficial for long-term storage. Plus, a single serving of freeze-dried chicken can contain about 27 grams of protein. This will give you and your family the energy and nutrition you need to survive.

Canned Tuna

The third high-protein food to consider for your food supply is canned tuna. Canned foods are non-perishable, so they are great items to add to your list. Canned tuna has a long shelf life and plenty of nutritional benefits. For example, tuna has omega-3 fatty acids, high levels of protein, and less fat than many other meats.

Canned Salmon

Canned salmon is also a good food to keep in your emergency food supply. Like tuna, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and a high protein content. Plus, a single can of salmon can contain an impressive 36 grams of protein! This makes it a great food item that will sustain you and your family for a considerable amount of time.

Lentils and Beans

Next on the list are lentils and beans. After all, you don’t get protein from just meat. Other foods also contain high levels of protein and are worth including in your food supply. Lentils contain about 18 grams of protein per cup and are also a good source of fiber. As for beans, black, red, and pinto beans are also high in protein, making these healthy choices for your kit.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is another suitable protein option. If you’re looking to include rice in your food supply, opt for brown rice over white rice, as it has more fiber, which is essential to overall health. A single cup of brown rice contains about 5 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. Rice is also easy to include in dishes and helps to boost the protein content of your meals.


The seventh food item that should be on your food supply list is chickpeas—also known as garbanzos. You can purchase chickpeas in both dried and canned forms, making for easy storage. There are about 6 grams of protein in half a cup of chickpeas, and you can make delicious soups and stews with this pantry staple.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is also a great food to stock for your emergency food supply. Not only is peanut butter a tasty snack, but it also has about 8 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons. Peanut butter is affordable and has a long shelf life, making it a staple in any survivalist’s supply.

Powdered Milk

Don’t worry—we didn’t forget about the beverages. You obviously need water to survive, but water doesn’t contain any protein. Fortunately, powdered milk does. With a long shelf life, powdered milk is such a good item to keep in your survival kit. Not to mention, you can use it to cook other meals, boosting their protein content.


To finish off the list, we have quinoa. Quinoa is a cereal grain that contains tons of beneficial vitamins and minerals. And it also has about 8 grams of protein per cup, so it’s worth keeping in mind as you build your food supply.

Remember these 10 best proteins to include in your survival food supply as you begin stocking up. To help, NuManna Foundation has a quality emergency meat supply that is high in protein, has a long shelf life, and will make the perfect addition to your survival kit. Check out our products today!

The Top 10 Proteins To Stock in a Survival Kit

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