What is Your Survival Food?

No electricity. No lights. No water. No phone. Hmmm. Are you worried? Not yet. You’ve stored plenty of candles, and even have extra flashlight batteries. The pantry has a few gallons of drinking water and somewhere down in the basement, or packed tight behind the camping supplies in the garage, are at least two cases of canned beans and rice, tomatoes, sardines, tuna and crackers, .Heck, there may even be a stash of chocolate covered raisins and a few bags of nuts. At least you hope so. Is there any extra water stored in the bathrooms so you can flush?  Unfortunately, that defective old school can opener slit your index finger opening the beans and rice. And the tomato cans are swollen, so you don’t dare open that rancid mess. Guess you forgot to check the dates on the saltines. If you’re living alone, you’d most likely survive a few days till the lights come back on. But if you’ve got a family to protect, it’s time to get serious about survival food. It’s time to get serious about Numanna.


Numanna’s Survival Food Has a 25 Year Shelf Life.


In the scenario above, the event that shut down the electricity was a county-wide thunderstorm with little consequential damage. Unfortunately, as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, volcanos, fires, and mudslides become more common, some folks don’t have the luxury of sheltering in place. If your family were forced to leave your home, you don’t want to worry about rancid tomatoes and moldy crackers. One family pack bucket from Numanna has 144 tasty, nutritious individual meals packaged in 5mm “over-engineered” bags with oxygen absorbers for a 25 year shelf life. Whatever size you purchase, Numanna meals are easily transported and you only need fire and water – and a pan and a spoon – for preparation.


Doesn’t Survival Food Need Chemicals to Survive?


Not if it’s Numanna Survival Food. When we started Numanna, we wanted food that our children would love to eat, and for it to be as nutritious as possible. Our customer’s say Numanna is the best tasting– and the healthiest – long term storage survival food available in the market. We even offer organic and gluten free choices. . This means our pasta primavera, pasta alfredo, enchilada beans and rice, mac n’ cheese, Hawaiian sweet and sour, potato casserole, black bean soup, rice pilaf, sweet habanero chili, cheddar broccoli soup, classic chili, oatmeal, pancakes, granola, freeze dried meats and milk powder have no soy, chemical preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs or aspartame.  



Try a Sample Pack of Numanna Survival Food for Only $19.95


You don’t have to be a serious prepper to understand the critical nature of how you can keep your family fed in a catastrophe. Even if you don’t purchase Numanna, although we’ve made it the best, we encourage you to begin your long term survival food program, As you learn more, you may be interested in our other important survival tools, like our water and water filter units and Numanna stoves. Thank you for considering Numanna for your survival food choices.  If you have any questions, please send them our way.


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