Why Does Numanna Provide No Gluten Meals?

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Numanna has a deep respect and understanding of the growing group of folks – from the very young to the elderly- who are suffering with gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance or the more serious malady known as Celiac Disease. It’s estimated that 1 in 100 people worldwide have Celiac Disease while millions remain undiagnosed. Numanna knows this expanding population’s diet, including their survival food, must have no gluten in each and every bite. It’s imperative, because a mere trace of gluten may bring bloating, abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, fatigue and, over the long term, much more serious health problems.


What is Gluten?

According to Webster’s dictionary, gluten is a “tenacious elastic substance, especially in wheat flour, that gives cohesiveness to dough.”  But it’s not just “pure wheat.” Gluten lies within the many forms of wheat, like wheat bran, cracked wheat, and wheat germ. People who must eat gluten-free have to avoid farina, graham flour, spelt, semolina, barley, rye, breads, crackers, spices dressings and thousands of packaged and processed foods, including traditional survival food. . But in Numanna No Gluten Meals, gluten is not an option.

Numanna’s Commitment No Gluten Meals

Our philosophy hasn’t changed from our inception. The nutrition burrowed inside each protective triple Mylar bag can provide a 25-year shelf life.  Our food will help you not just survive – it will help you thrive, regardless of whether you‘re experiencing a short-term emergency or a longer-term catastrophic event. Additionally, our heart’s desire was and always will be, to provide the most innovative, nutritious and sustainable long-term food preparedness solutions on the market. Our thousands of customers already appreciate the fact that Numanna “just says no” to aspartame, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs. And with the growing need for no-gluten meals, we’re happy to lead the charge to protect you and your family. If your loved ones are gluten intolerant, or suffer from Celiac Disease, your best choice is Numanna’s No Gluten Meals.


What’s In My Numanna No Gluten Family Pack?


glutenfreestarterWe’re so glad you asked. We’ll name just a few.  You’ll enjoy ten servings each of cheesy broccoli soup, potato casserole, enchilada beans and rice and black bean soup.  Is your mouth watering yet?  And then there are twelve servings of gluten-free Italian pasta and pasta primavera.  Have we piqued your interest? All in all, there are 140 no-gluten meals, ready for you to enjoy tonight, or stash away for a time when food may be difficult to come by, especially for folks who must at all times say, “ No gluten, please.”


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